You, my blog, are one of my biggest challenges. I find it difficult to talk to you, and I never feel ready to talk to you. I prefer to explore myself and develop myself on my own, without you. I feel I write to you because I have to instead of wanting to. Being able to recognise my development on my own allows me to be more critical and more honest with myself, without the fear of being judged by others.

I am an artist that prefers to work on my own, in my own practice. This is all I know!

The outcomes

Setting people the same task and receiving different responses is an important factor of dance. Being able to explore the differences in people, while at the same time being able to relate to them.

'Draw something'

A task I set my dance company. One member not drawing at all, another drawing a nice pattern and not wanting to stop and another just doing some doodling and folding.
What does this say about them?
Why are they so different?

The unknown is still here

Exploring the unknown

"Move your head to move your feet, move your feet to move your head"

This is a continuation of the previous post and is still something that I keep telling myself when I move.

"If you loose you feet, you loose your head"

My dancing

An exploration of me.